The Hops Shop offers ice cream, sweets and more for children, merchandise and gifts for everyone.

Our Hops Shop specialties:

Emerald Vale Kei Apple jellyKei apple
Kei Apple Trees (Davyalis Coffra) are indigenous & found along the Coast from the Eastern Cape to Natal
The fruit used are all from our EV farm with some trees close to a 100 years old, planted as a grove
The cooked fruit has a tangy bitter sweet flavour and is hig in vitamin C
The jelly goes well with pork, lamb & cheese, or as a plain jam as well

Emerald Vale Num Num JellyNum Num
from the Num Num Tree (Carissa Macrocarpa)
It is rich in Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium & Phosphorus
The jelly can be used neat or with Pork & Venison


Hop Shop Front