12th April 2021

About us

Emerald Vale Brewery, was established in April 2012. Named after the 400ha farm Emerald Vale. It lies nestled in the green hills between the Chintsa and Chefani Rivers some 4 kilometers from the Chintsa East coastline.

april 2012

chris heaton

brewery owner & co-owner of the restaurant

My love and passion for beer has been with me for many years, the main factor is that I am extremely critical of myself and my drive and determination is to ensure that I make beer that is not only drinkable but would leave the desire to have another one.
My first inspiration to make beer was established and awakened when I discovered something different, wonderful and unexpected in my early student years.

september 2013

petra trunkenpolz

Co-owner of the Restaurant & Events

From enjoying Chris' delicious beer in a local restaurant as a client in 2012, to making the decision to assist with the brewery tours and tastings we have never dreamed of actually becoming a family restaurant with farm activities. It was and still is such an emotional and wonderful experience.

We get happiness from seeing people having a wonderful time at Emerald Vale. That feeling, when you can light up someone’s soul with something you’ve been part off from early stages, that is a privilege and an honour.

november 2020

erica jacobs

restaurant manager

I have been with Emerald Vale since November 2020, and I love stirring up a storm with all the right ingredients. I was in a corporate restaurant life for 20 years and decided to join the family on this magnificent farm
Meeting people is my passion and I absolutely love the laughter that comes with the crowd. I always believed in sharing my Knowledge and Passion for Food with customers and colleagues alike.
My philosophy in Life echoes in my cooking and I believe in being open minded in what I do, tackle challenges head on with an open hands approach and never be afraid to experiment and explore....


Malibongwe the Brewer


Elaine the Office Support & Voice


Ina the Garden Fairy


Mackson the Handyman


Thembi the Gardener 


Bill Heaton  Farmer with Passion

Let's meet for breakfast, lunch or dinner


Monday & Tuesday
wednesday - Friday
12:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Thursday Seafood evening
4:00 pM - 8:00 PM
9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday & public holidays
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM